Bazm-e-Niswan Distributes Scholarships Worth Rs. 1.40 crore.

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Bengaluru: The 42nd annual scholarship programme of Bazm-e- Niswan was held last month and on this occasion, scholarships worth Rs one crore, forty lakhs (Rs 1,40,00,000) was distributed to 3400 deserving girl students from under-privileged sections. This will help the students to pursue their pre-university and Master degree courses. The scholarships were given through cheques to the students.
Bazm–e-Niswan is a dynamic organization of women in Bengaluru, meeting the challenges faced by the under-privileged and the destitutes. It has contributed, in the past 40 years, to solving many problems faced by women by offering help in the field of education, social development, economic upliftment and moral reformation. It has strived incessantly to bring light and relief into the lives of thousands of women.
Its aim is to give them relief, self-confidence and dignity. Registered in 1971, as a society, by a group of women with vision and foresight, it has continued its onward march of service with innovative approach. Bazm has emerged as a premier women’s organization in Karnataka with its sight on spreading its movement across the country. Husna Ziaulla Sheriff is the president of Bazm-e-Niswan, and she has a team of committed women who are striving to help the poor and the needy girls and women.
Bazm-e-Niswan Charitable Trust, No 37, Muniswamy Road, Tasker Town, Bengaluru-51. Email: [email protected] Ph: 22860023, www.bazm-e-niswan.org