Discover Yourself ‘Train the Trainers’ Workshop – Gaining Wisdom in Winter – The Class of 2018

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The School of Ancient Wisdom is a doorway to transformation and enlightened living. This wonderful place, set amidst the beauty and tranquillity of Devanahalli, facing the majestic Nandi Hills and nestled away some 32kms from Bangalore city, has activities and facilities to further enhance an unforgettable spiritual experience.
It was in the serene and green ambience of The School of Ancient Wisdom that Dr A.W Sadathullah Khan organised the Discover Yourself Train the Trainers Workshop from December 20 to 29th, 2018. 30 people, from Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and South Africa, participated in the workshop.
While the workshop was called ‘ Developing Leadership’, Dr Sadathullah Khan took the participants into the journey of their lives, with periods of contemplation, reflection, introspection and sharing. This sharing brought the group together as one big family. Away from the hustle and bustle and routine of daily chores, the participants got a golden opportunity to connect to themselves in the silence of the serenity, and to God!
Among the many sessions, one of them, about ‘choices’, was path-breaking, as it was something that all participants needed to focus on”¦would they choose to live in their own personal reality or Allah’s Reality? Would they choose to act, respond or react to daily life situations based on their own personal Reality or Allah’s Reality?
The positive energy among the participants kept spreading around as everyone began feeling the inner peace which cannot be expressed in words!
It wasn’t all talk at the workshop: the participants also took the initiative to be compassionate in action. What could be more touching than the fact that the participants decided to visit the Ashiana Home for the Aged, which was quite close to the venue of the workshop? Talking to the people living there and listening to their life stories was a reflective learning lesson for all.
As the curtains drew closer to the end of 2018, the Discover Yourself Train the Trainers Workshop led by Dr Sadathullah Khan gave the best gift to the participants: and that was inspiration to submit to Allah’s way, which could help them lead peaceful lives and also spread positive vibes to those around them. Also, what better way there could have been to begin 2019 for all the participants, as they went back to their homes with a renewed spirit of goodwill, positivity, inner peace and the spark of leadership in them!
The Discover Yourself Train the Trainers participants were indeed very lucky to have had the opportunity to spend 10 golden days understanding themselves and gaining precious wisdom all the way!
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