Ayesha Qureshi’s Resin Art Reflects Her Taqwa

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Ayesha Qureshi’s Resin Art Reflects Her Taqwa

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Ayesha Qureshi’s journey into resin art isn’t just about her skill; it’s a reflection of her faith. Even though she initially saw her artistic talent as secondary to her studies, a chance encounter with resin art changed everything. Inspired by a video, nudged by her sister’s request for a resin-made Quran lectern, Ayesha ventured into this intricate craft. Crafting the lectern was just the start.

The process demanded meticulous attention—warding off dust, andpreventing bubbles or wrinkles. Yet, despite the challenges, Ayesha’s dedication grew, transforming her from a homemaker to a sought-after resin and calligraphy artist.

Her creations expanded from the lectern to frames with Quranic verses, bookmarks, keychains, and more. However, sustaining her passion required a shift. Expenses escalated, prompting her to seek avenues to share and sell her art. Her breakthrough came via the Dawah group. With over 3600 global contacts, showcasing her craft led to a flow of inquiries and orders, necessitating bulk resin purchases.

Yet, hurdles persisted. Faulty supplies caused setbacks, testing her resilience. But amid setbacks, her husband’s unwavering support and reinvestment bolstered her determination. Her clientele, mostly from the Dawah group, became the backbone of her business.

Today, Ayesha stands as an entrepreneur, supported by her website, Instagram, and various platforms. Working from her home workshop, she doesn’t just create; she empowers. Online workshops and free calligraphy classes aim to inspire others—especially women—to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Acknowledging her husband’s pivotal role and the continuous encouragement from her Dawah group connections, Ayesha envisions a larger future. Her goal is to establish a substantial outlet for handmade resin art, employing women, particularly her students.

Her advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs? Embrace trust in Allah, and persistent prayers, and find joy in endeavors that fuel creativity, staving off loneliness and desolation. For Ayesha, it’s not just about art; it’s about faith, perseverance, and empowering others on their journeys.

(Ayesha, lives in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.FruitsOfTaqwayoutube.com/@ayeshaqureshichannel)