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Lucknow: With ‘Rising beyond the Ceiling’ (RBTC) launched its free mentorship programme on International Women’s Day here on March 8, Muslim women professionals announced that they would now mentor girls from socially poorer areas in an innovative endeavor.

Sabiha Ahmad, RBTC Uttar Pradesh coordinator and UP Sunni Waqf Board member, said its wrong notion prevailing in the society that burqa-wearing women are illiterates.

“Why is a Muslim woman wearing a burqa or niqaab deemed illiterate?” She is capable of achieving everything she wishes if given a chance. “This is an opportunity that we will present to young girls from socially disadvantaged backgrounds,” said Sabiha.

Explaining further, she said that RBTC is not just helping break the stereotype about the Muslim women but also contributing to nation-building.

“Mentoring women from many fields, such as women in uniform, academics, the arts, media, and other fields, helps young girls establish self-confidence and provides wings to their goals,” she said.

“The organization isn’t just for Muslim women; the doors are open to everyone.

“Any woman who desires to work in any sector, regardless of religion, can contact the organization for whatever assistance is needed.” The mentorship is free, and we’ve begun accepting applications for it in addition to the current mentees who are being mentored,” Sabiha noted.

RBTC is a group of 100 Muslim women who have been honoured on a national level and another 100 who have been honoured on a state level. These women will now provide professional, educational, emotional, and financial guidance to young women.