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The personality of the Month Mehnaz

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After graduating in tourism studies, Mehnaz started her career in the tourism industry with a leading airline in Dubai.
She took a break to pursue her master’s in social work and continues her career in the education industry along with a passion for serving society, striving to spread the knowledge of Deen more through her deeds than her words.
Presently working as Principal at Endeavour Int’l School, Ernakulam,
Mehnaz also leads an organization called WINGS, where she’s been the President of the Ernakulam sector for five years and is actively involved in social work.
*WINGS*, which is the acronym for *Women’s Initiative to Nurture Growth of Society*, is a professional Muslim Women’s platform, which is founded on the intention of rendering services to the weaker sections of the society in general and women and children in particular, irrespective of the caste/religion they belong.
The services are free, carried out according to the experience and expertise of the members involved, like legal assistance, counseling sessions, medical advice/services, education awareness, financial aid, and the like.
Recently she’s been elected as state president of WINGS.