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Two Women Shahr Qazis in UP

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Kanpur: Days after Jaipur got its first-ever woman qazis in Jahan Ara and Afroz Begum, Uttar Pradesh’s Muslim community followed suit by appointing Hena Zaheer and Maria Fazal as shahr qazis-““ judges who decide on matters within the community as per Sharia (Islamic law), of Kanpur. While Zaheer will be the qazi for Shias, Fazal will look into issues pertaining to the Sunni sect. They will be empowered to solemnise nikahs (marriages) and decide on matrimonial affairs such as talaq (divorce) as well as mahr (mandatory price paid by the groom). The All-India Muslim Women Board (AIMWB) made this announcement after its working committee held a meeting recently. Board chairperson Syeda Tabassum said that the decision was part of a conscious effort to ensure equality for women in Muslim society, as per Islamic tenets.
Both Zaheer and Fazal had completed their ‘Alimah’ course, where they learned about Hadith, fiqh and other religious disciplines, from the Madrasa Fatima-Us-Zehra in Kanpur.