Saudi Govt Grants Right to  Buy a Property to Non-Natives

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Saudi Govt Grants Right to Buy a Property to Non-Natives

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Riyadh: The government of Saudi Arabia has decided to give the go-ahead to non-Saudis to have a right to purchasing a single property in the Kingdom.

Absher, an e-service portal facilitating the Saudi residents and citizens to get the government services smoothly, said that the non-Saudi residents can now have the opportunity to have a single property of their own in the country.

According to the Absher portal, expatriates have three preconditions to fulfill to avail themselves of the government facility to purchase a property in the KSA.
1. A genuine and unexpired residency ID is required of the foreigner (Muqeem).
2. The applicant must submit all details of the property and a copy of the title deed.
3. They should not own any additional land in the Kingdom.

If a non-Saudi resident aspires to apply, they should visit the Absher platform and access “My Services” (Khidmaty). Then going to “Services” (Khidmat), then “General Services” (Al-Khidmatul Aamma), and finally clicking “Application for owning real estate for non-Saudis.”

Absher is a smartphone application that allows residents of Saudi Arabia to use government-offered services. The online platform offers e-services, including renewing passports, applying for ID cards, paying traffic tickets, applying for or renewing migrant workers’ visas, and obtaining hajj (pilgrimage) permits.