Levels of Personality and Pursuit of Happiness: A Motivational Journey


Levels of Personality and Pursuit of Happiness: A Motivational Journey

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Why do we want to be successful in our life? Why do we wish for a big house, a big car, lots of Money? Because we believe that having and owning all these stuff will make us a successful person and eventually make us “Happy.” In other words, we want success in life because it makes us happy, and in the end, everyone wants a life full of Peace and Happiness. So it is safe to say that our highest pursuit in life is to be “Happy.” In this article, Based on several studies in psychology by different scholars, we are trying to figure out the levels of our Personality and our pursuits in life.

1. Pursuit of Happiness:
As we discussed above, our ultimate goal in life is to be happy. So, the first and lowest pursuit in your life is Happiness. Because Happiness is easy in small things, Getting More sleeping hours, Sudden holiday from work, small gifts, favorite dinner, or quality time spent with our loved ones gives us Happiness. This means it doesn’t take much to be happy, and Happiness comes fast and goes fast as well., we can’t stay Happy Forever and no matter where you are living or how much Money you have, it’s a fact that nobody is always happy. Because almighty gave us the score of emotions to experience, and Happiness is one of them.
And that’s why Happiness lies at the bottom of our pursuit.

2. Pursuit of Fit In:
Pursuit of fitting in the society simply means to match the standards of the society, whether it will be your school or College of workplace or the city you are living in. The way you look, the way you talk with people, or how you behave are all included in it so that you will blend in with society, and people will not criticize you and consider you a good person. And it takes some effort to look after yourself and fit in the society
So, the second pursuit is to fit in the society.

3. Pursuit of Popularity:
I don’t just want to blend in the society; I want to be the famous person in society, whether it will be College or workplace or anywhere else. Some people want popularity to talk about me, or I want to be the center of attention. And it takes some more effort to take than just fit in the society, and some people try as hard as they can to be the center of attention and achieve the pursuit of popularity.

4. Pursuit of Prestige:
Prestige means you want to associate yourself with something very valuable. You wanted to tell people how you studied in a prestigious institution or worked for a big company or own branded clothes, car, mobile phone, etc. Why do we give so much importance to a brand? Because we believe they have some prestigious value and associating ourselves with them will make us prestigious. So in order to gain some prestigious value for ourselves, we try to associate ourselves with something that already has a prestigious value. And it takes a lot more effort to achieve it.

5. Pursuit of Money:
Some people don’t care about any pursuit, all they care about is how to make a lot of Money, and some of them are really good at it. So for some people, their ultimate pursuit is Money.
Overall, as we move up on this ladder, it takes more and more work to achieve the subsequent pursuit, and we need to go through more and more pain to get there and accomplish our goals, and more is our pursuit, more amount we get amongst these 5 Levels.

6. Pursuit of Excellence:
Some people think above Money, and all they think about is excellence. Whatever thing they were doing, they wanted to be number one at it. Whether it will become class topper or best employee of company or whatever it is, they try to push themselves to excellence. And people with excellent aren’t just competing with others who can achieve excellence in the world.

7. Pursuit of Impact:
Some excellent people in the world believe in impact, All they care about is making this society better, making this world better, and they don’t care what they are getting in return. They know they have limited time here, so they want to make this world better for others, leave a legacy behind which people will follow, make this world a better place, and earn deeds for their hereafter life. Instead of believing in popularity, prestige, or Money, they believe in impact. And that kind of selflessness is in very few people who are already excellent in their lives.
Prophets are the most excellent people ever walked on this planet. And they lived for a cause to make this world and hereafter better for the ummah. They were working for a cause, and we, as an ummah, following their footsteps will eventually make us the person with excellent Personalities and pursuit. And if we pursue the truth. Almighty will impact our efforts in ways we can’t imagine.

Some tips on pursuing excellence for youths are:
• Today, you have more time and fewer responsibilities, so this is the time to push yourself to be excellent.
• Never get stuck in any of the bottom five levels
• Today you should be best in your studies, eating habits, sleeping habits, lifestyles.
• Find the things you are good at; you love to do, try to be excellent in it, and use your talent to pursue your goal and truth in ways that will leave an impact on the betterment of this world.
• Don’t wait for results; work on your good cause and put effort, and the result will surely follow you one day.
• And one day, people will follow your example of success.
In that way, your pursuit will help you develop your Personality and be happy. Because when you have pursuit, your life means something, and when your life means something, That makes you HAPPY…!!