Subconscious Mind and Beliefs: Learning and Understanding in Positive and Motivational Way…!!


Subconscious Mind and Beliefs: Learning and Understanding in Positive and Motivational Way…!!

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Who are You? How are You? What is your place in this world? These are a few questions that we can ask ourselves almost every day, and the answer to this question lies in our personality; and our personality mostly depends on our beliefs. “We are Products of our thoughts, and the happiness in your life depends on the quality of your thoughts” is a standard quote we often hear. Through this article, we are trying to understand what we believe about ourselves? Did you see yourself as a winner in your Mind or a loser? Because “we become what we believe.”

Brain and Mind :
The human body is nothing but a collection of trillions of cells that are physically present, and also every cell has its individual Existence.

The brain is considered a physical thing (Organ) that contains Billions of Neurons that store the information and can also process it.

Whereas the Mind is a mental thing which cannot be touched. It refers to a person’s thought process and understanding. Overall brain and Mind create powerful intelligence for a human.

Our Mind is Basically divided into two parts:
1. Conscious Mind :
Conscious Mind which is also known as active Mind which contains all of the memories, thoughts, feelings, wishes and all other activities which we perform in our awareness. It also includes our memory which is not always part of it but can be brought into awareness. Consciousness contains approximately 10% part of the Mind.

2. Subconscious Mind:
The subconscious Mind is the part of our Mind which contains feelings, thoughts, memories, etc., which are outside of our conscious awareness. It also stores the memory that is unacceptable or unpleasant for us like the feeling of pain, sadness, anxiety, etc. The subconscious Mind contains approximately 90% part of the Mind.

Australian Neurologist Sigmund Freud likened the parts of the Mind to the iceberg. The 10% part of the iceberg is visible over the surface of the water where as the 90% part of it is still floating under the water. The top of the iceberg that you can see above the water represents the conscious Mind, and the part of the iceberg below the water represents the subconscious Mind.

Now, Coming back to the Neurons again. As I mentioned above, neurons can store and perform on their data. Along with that process, they have one more job to do: to follow the instructions coming to them from conscious and subconscious Minds. And these instructions aren’t only the physical instructions but also our beliefs.

PAW Mindset:
1. Possible: Most of the time, when we are trying to do something, setting new goals, or focusing on learning and earning something, One Negative thought that pops up in our Mind is, “This is not possible for Me.”
2. Able: Second thought that comes to our Mind After P, i.e., Not possible is, “Maybe it can be possible, but I am not Able to do it.”
3. Worth: Third and the worst thought which comes to our Mind after P and A is “I am not Worthy of it.”

In today’s competitive world, these negative mindsets and beliefs are a new common in today’s generation. We are completely unaware that our neurons actually take these beliefs as a command and built a perspective that stops us from gaining that success that is definitely possible for us. You can achieve it, and yes, if you work hard, then you are worthy of it.

Almighty Allah gifted the same Mind to everyone, the difference is how we use our Mind. If we did proper hard work, accomplished new skills, and while doing that, we gave up negative thoughts and overcame the failures by keeping faith in Almighty, prayed to Him, then we will surely achieve our dreams one day. But this process is also a must because-

“God does not change the condition of people until they change what is in themselves”

Below are a Few Lines which will help to grow:
• Creating Self Confidence
• Figuring our flaws within and overcoming them
• Never Giving Up.
• Doing every task with hard work and dedication.
• Having Good and Polite communication with people.
• Having Proper Dressing as it improves your confidence level.
• Never Losing Faith in Almighty.