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The Purpose of Life- I

The Purpose of Life- I

Sheima Salam Sumer, a trained counsellor, is the author of How to Be a Happy Muslim Insha'Allah and The Basic Values of Islam. In this section on Our [...]

Queries on Investment

By CA Aslam Pasha Q1. What is Deposit and Investment? Ans. In general terms, Deposit means a credit of the depositor thereby giving the depo [...]
Committing Suicide is Strictly Forbidden in Islam

Committing Suicide is Strictly Forbidden in Islam

OUR DIALOGUE BY ADIL SALAHI Q: Every day I read in the media about people committing suicides. Teenagers commit suicide due to parental pressure, adu [...]

Question and Answer With Maulana Wahiduddin Khan on Islam and Peace Building

Q: Religion can be a blessing. But it can also become a curse, if it turns into fanaticism and disrespect for others. I appreciate your efforts in try [...]

Can Women without Spouses Accompany Us?

We are four couples and have decided to perform Hajj 1438 Hijri by a private tour company. We are all in our 60s and are closely related to each other [...]

Zakat on Purchase Value or Resale Value?

I request you to clarify some doubts regarding payment of Zakat in the following case: 1- I had purchased 30 gms of gold in the year 1975 at the rat [...]

Questions About Prayer

People have many questions about salaat or namaz, the Islamic form of prayer. Some of them are: What is adhan or azan (the call to prayer)? What is it [...]

Basic Purpose of Worship or Prayer

Q: What is the basic purpose of worship or prayer from the Islamic perspective? Answered by Waris Mazhari God made this beautiful planet Earth and [...]

Spirituality and ‘Modern’ Education

Q: 'Modern' schools, by and large, are geared to preparing students for material 'success', and not to making them better, God-conscious, kinder, mor [...]

Alternate System of Schooling

Q: Given that spirituality is hardly, if at all, addressed in the present 'modern' educational system, would you suggest an alternate system of school [...]
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