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Be it cherished books, special notes, favourite people, or treasured memories, they always leave a strong effect on us. I want to share one such cherished read – a poem I read around 20 years back. I love going back to it. It helps me check my loyalty to the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

At first, I thought of posting this poem just before Rabbi ul Awwal, but then decided against it. The Muslims across the world have made it an annual ceremony to actively talk about the Rasool just during a Rabbi UL Awwal time. They take great pains to hold programs to remind people of how and why we need to follow him. All that is perfectly acceptable and nothing wrong in it, but every day and every action of ours should be in accordance with the teachings and liking of Allah ta’ala and Muhammad SAW. So I thought why not use this poem right now. Every day is a new beginning, a new opportunity to become better and get rid of unsavoury habits.

The following poem is a knock on how dearly we hold Prophet Muhammad SAW in our hearts. We claim to love him, but is it reflected in our daily actions? The poet is unknown, but his/her message is always appreciated and leaves a deep impact. This is one great example of sawab e jariyah, one doesn’t realise how many millions of people benefit from one’s work.

I was slightly tempted to change a few words here and there to make it more apt for the current times but then I decided against it. Let us keep the poet’s work undisturbed and enjoy it in its original form. The title of the poem is

If prophet Muhammad (pbuh) visited you just for a day or two, what would you do….

I Wonder…?
If prophet Muhammad visited you just for a day or two,
If he came unexpectedly, I wonder what you would do.
Oh, I know you’d give your nicest room
To such an honoured guest,
And all the food you’d serve him would be the very best,
And you would keep assuring him,
You’re glad to have him there,
That serving him in your home,
Is joy beyond compare.
But… when you saw him coming,
Would you meet him at the door?
With arms outstretched to your visitor?
Or… would you have to change your clothes before you let him in?
Or hide some magazines and put the Qur’an where they had been?
Would you still watch the same movies?
On your T.V set?
Or would you switch it off
Before he got upset?
Would you turn off the radio?
And hope he hadn’t heard?
Or wish you hadn’t uttered that last hasty word?
Would you hide all your worldly music?
And instead take hadith books out?
Could you let him walk right in?
Or would you have to rush about?
And I wonder if the prophet spent
A day or two with you,
Would you go right on doing,
The things you always do?
Would you go on saying?
The things you always say?
Would life for you continue,
As it does from day to day?
Would your family squabbles,
Keep up their usual pace,
And would you find it hard each meal
To say a table grace?
Would you keep up each and every prayer?
Without putting on a frown?
And would you always jump up early
For prayer at dawn?
Would you sing the songs you always sing?
And read the books you read?
And let him know the things on which,
Your mind and spirit feed?
Would you take the prophet with you?
Everywhere you plan to go?
Or, would you maybe change your plans,
Just for a day or so?
Would you be glad to have him meet?
Your very closest friends?
Or, would you hope they stay away
Until his visit ends?
Would you be glad to have him stay?
Forever on and on…
Or would you sigh with great relief
When he at last was gone?
It might be interesting to know,
The things that you would do…
If prophet Muhammad, in person,
Came to spend some time with you.
May we prove to be the Muslims that we claim to be.