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Books on Women Empowerment in High Demand at Jeddah Fair

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Jeddah: With around 450 publishing houses from 21 countries and more than 1.5 million titles to choose from, books about women self-development and motivation were in high demand during the Second Jeddah International Book Fair.
“My Self Suffice Me, My Way to Freedom” is a motivational learning book targeting Saudi and Arab women. It is the first published work of Saudi writer Aisha Allugmani. It has positive and motivational messages for women to increase their confidence and become stronger by working for their rights. The book was among the hits at Sharjah and Doha international book fairs. Allugmani, who holds an administrative position in a University, said, “The book includes several topics that help in enhancing self-confidence in women and their capabilities. It also discusses how women should fight the customs and traditions that made them paralyzed individuals without an identity.” How women can create and develop a path for themselves; how they search for strong points and invest in them, how to know their rights, how to become an independent person and how to be with men who appreciate them and support them, were some of the tips that the book gives to Saudi females. Allugmani is planning to write another new book that will also focus on women and their rights. She said she plans to continue working in one of the NGOs in Madinah and dedicate her efforts to help the disabled.