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Guardian Approval a must for Saudi Women to Drive in Kuwait

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Jeddah: Brig. Saleh Al-Najim, the head of a Kuwaiti delegation to Jeddah, has said that the traffic system in Kuwait does not grant licenses to Saudi women without the consent of their guardians. The statement came at a meeting of traffic managers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, which concluded here. He said this law was drafted due to Saudi Arabia’s reservations on the issue of women driving. He said: “Saudi women wishing to obtain a driver’s license in Kuwait must have the consent of their guardian. This goes for all Saudi women, young or old, single or married.”
Al-Najim added: “We know of reservations on the issue of Saudi women driving in their own country and that their guardians sometimes do not agree to them driving. It is in light of this that we refuse to grant drivers’ licenses without the knowledge of the family.”