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USA – 28 Muslims Elected to California Democratic Party

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Los Angeles: California Muslims made political history when 28 Muslim candidates were elected by Democrats as delegates and alternate delegates to the California Democratic Party (CDP). This constitutes the largest number of Muslims ever elected as delegates in California.
The CDP held statewide elections for delegates to represent each of the state’s 80 assembly districts. This encouraging achievement was reached with the help of CAIR-CA PAC, an independent political organization. In an effort to promote American Muslim political engagement, CAIR-CA PAC closely worked with candidates and organized voters to support them.
Among the hundreds of other candidates, at least 36 California Muslims ran for delegate positions. Twenty-eight were elected (five as executive board members and two as alternate delegates), and eight lost their races. This is an incredible step for Muslims to become more involved in the political process and make a difference for the Muslim community and in their districts.