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Coming out of Hell to Heaven!

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6th DYS Leadership Training Workshop – Lessons Learned
Transformative Insights: Reflections on a Life-Changing Workshop

The Discover Yourself Workshop was organized by Al Ameen Public School, in Kochi, Kerala, and in Hyderabad by Foundation for Education, Appreciation and Training (FEAT). The Workshop was held in May 2015.
Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.



  • It makes me feel a better person and gives me confidence to deal with all the situations in life with peace.
  • It gave me an insight into my own personality and taught me how to control negative reactions and to be a peaceful person.
  • The workshop helped me to change my attitude towards others, especially towards my children.
  • The workshop gave me an opportunity to realize “Who Am I?”
  • Firstly, I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to attend this workshop. It changed my attitude and my life.
  • It was outstanding, mind blowing and fantastic.
  • I was very shy and not ready to open up, but now my confidence level has increased, I can face problems in a submission state and find a solution.
  • If I had not participated, I would have missed the opportunity to posses the qualities of being a Muslim and to live an Islamic way of life.
  • I felt like coming out of hell to heaven.
  • It helped to strengthen my Iman. I could identify that all the problems are created by my ego and I realized how to control my ego and submit to reality and respond.
  • A paradigm shift from the external to the inner world.
  • I got an opportunity to find out who am I? I am now confident to face the challenges around me and I have gained my inner control.
  • I always wanted to be someone, but now I realized when I become nothing, I become everything. I want to let go of everything and set myself free, then I can be with my Lord.
  • Alhamdulillah! It was an awesome workshop . It brought out many changes in my thinking, behavior and way of life.
  • It changed my perspective of life. Now I know I am a Muslim in the true sense. I will practise what I have learnt and be the true khalifa (representative) of Allah by reflecting and manifesting HIs attributes in this world.
  • It is great and wonderful. It helped me to control my anger and changed my perception.
  • It was a wonderful experience and a life changing workshop.
  • It removed and cleared many negative thoughts from the mind.
  • Everyone should attend it. I realized the importance of being in the present and responding to the fact, reality and the truth.
  • The workshop connects to the inner self and brings peace in the lives of human beings.
  • Everyone must attend this workshop at least once in a life time.
  • It helped me to discover myself and to identify truth and falsehood.
  • It changed my view and purified me from within. I was selfish and now I am selfless.
  • This workshop is the best way to come out from darkness to light.

AFIA: A life changing experience. The first workshop which I attended ten years ago had changed my life Alhamdulillah!. From that day I was dreaming of having the workshop again. Allah helped me to organize it for our school and my close friends.
BASHEER M: Excellent way of presenting Islamic values. It opened my inner eyes to truth. Now I am confident to face the future and I got the tools to guide my family to the right path. I got the keys to discover Huq and Batil. It entirely changed my behavior.
NAZIMA: After the workshop I understood the reality of life. I got an insight about my life. Lots of misconceptions and questions from my life got erased. Now I understood what is life and the purpose of life. I got peace of mind and now I am more confident. I will not allow my ego to govern me. I will enjoy the present life with values.
NARGIS: It was an excellent workshop. ‘Hat off to you’- for your deep knowledge and being energetic for three full days. Every moment you have conveyed many fundamental truths about life. Treat everyone as human being, fundamental ‘Equality’. Living life with human values – being humane. Forgive and live in the present and create a new future.
SAJI: It helped me change my behavior. Before attending this workshop I was not able to concentrate fully in my prayers. After attending this third day I realized the way to increase my concentration. The first day I thought that the workshop was boring. But after this third day, I realized the truth that it is really useful for me. Now I know who am I and who is a true Muslim?
FOUZIA: I attended this workshop eight months back in Mumbai and again I am attending this workshop with my spouse. The transformation I underwent was due to your coaching. Whenever I am sad or upset I revise all the notes and handouts and regain back my power. This transformation in me, was not limited to me. It transformed lives of many patients and the staff in my hospital in my interactions as a doctor. My way of speaking to the patients changed totally as I now realized that whatever I speak must be as a service to Allah. The best example being my husband, who in his life would never sit from 9-6 pm for three days to some lecture, was again with me to attend it , taking three days leave and coming all the way from Mumbai to Hyderabad. Thank You Sir. I feel lucky to know the truth of Islam and to be a practising Muslim. I admire and thank you for bringing the changes in my life.
AMEENA: I am attending this workshop for the sixth time. It has changed me as a daughter, sister, teacher and friend. It has helped me understand what the Quran is trying to convey. All I want to say is ‘ I am at PEACE’. For me this workshop is as important as performing Hajj.
BASHA: It is a great feeling. Everyone in the family felt the difference, above all I felt very comfortable and started feeling positive. But It is important to practice after the workshop, otherwise it will erase from the mind and we come back to the same “I”. It is an excellent workshop for a peaceful and happy life to live with all the human beings.
NABILA: I am attending the third day and I regret for not attending for the last two days. I find the workshop very helpful in changing ourselves and have inner peace. My perception of life changed. I am giving up my past, fears and negativity and now I will practice what I learnt in my day to day life, Inshallah.
ANEESA: Before the workshop, my mind was full of confusion and now I feel free. I want to accept the truth of life and love my family, friends and all my relatives. Forgive them for what had happened and change my life with my family and relatives. It gave me light for my inner soul.
NEHA: Before attending this workshop, I did not know what is ‘Haq’ and ‘Batil’. I used to be very depressed thinking about what had happened to me and I constantly blame myself. But now I changed my way of thinking. It made to accept the reality and how to deal with my problems and ultimately the way to live a peaceful life. It changed ME! and I am very grateful.