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Learning about Denial and Submission in Saudi Arabia!

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Excellent Coaching to Change Us as Good Human Beings

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Riyadh and Jubail, Saudi Arabia, in January 2014. Here, some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.

  • It is an eye opener, essential, and I would have missed a valuable and transnational workshop.
  • This is a very good basic workshop to understand oneself.
  • It is life changing
  • Every human being should attend this workshop “at least once in his life time”.
  • It is very useful. What is our purpose of life and how to deal with it is more clear now.
  • Over all, it is good. After the workshop I learnt to be in reality and in an Islamic way.
  • Excellent coaching to discover oneself. It is very informative and practical to achieve the goal.
  • I have learnt how to negate my inside ego and purify my inner self.
  • It opened the thought process. It created steps and awareness to approach problems in life.
  • It helped me in changing my behaviour towards my family, colleagues and others. It should also be conducted for women.
  • It is an amazing workshop and needs to be repeated. “My way is the high way” attitude that we all have, has to be stopped.
  • It opens the consciousness within us to know the reality.
  • It shifts the person to view life from a human perspective to Allah’s perspective.
  • Life time experience. Very useful topics that gave us an opportunity to understand oneself.
  • Transforming life experience
  • Every individual and child must attend this workshop.
  • It helped me distinguish between denial and submission.
  • It is an awesome method to teach Islam and about Allah.
  • It is a marvelous way to discover oneself.
  • A good attempt to discover, understand and learn about the truth of life and to love one another.
  • It acted as an anti-virus which removed all the virus from the root (heart).
  • It is awesome and hit us directly, moved us and pushed us to the right way to lead our lives.
  • It was excellent and useful for life.
  • Amazing, when I say amazing, I mean every word of it.
  • It is good for young students like us.
  • It was funny as well as informative.

NASER: Earlier, my view of the world was confused. I was looking differently at worldly success and religious success. After attending the workshop, my understanding has unified for success. With family, my view has changed too. I started treating people as human beings and not objects. By practising with the given model of life in the workshop, I think I will win Allah’s pleasure and love which is most important.
NASEEMA: I had a great experience. My husband used to ignore my parents, but after the workshop, my husband spoke to my father and my brother politely. He used to beat the kids, but now after the workshop he has changed. Before this workshop, I would scold my children, but now no scolding, only love. Thanks a lot. Jazakallah Khair.
MARIAM: I used to keep grudges against others. Now, I forgive everyone and feel free from the burden. Now I feel I am living in the present.
SHAMSUDDIN: It has broken down my ego. Before the workshop, I used to get angry about the things happening around me, and also when things did not happen according to my expectations. I used to feel very inferior about myself. Alhamdulillah, I have found some useful ways to overcome and also learnt how to forgive others.
FOUZIA: It helped me in strengthening my faith and my submission to Allah and in turn, discovered my true self. A very knowledgeable, lively and transformational
workshop. I realised that I was gifted with many blessings in my life. But somehow I missed many of them, now after attending the workshop, I rediscovered them and inshallah will apply the tools I learnt in the workshop.
MAHJABEEN: I really appreciate the work done by you. I request you to do the workshop in schools, because after attending the workshop, I felt it was too
late for us to get to know about reality of life. I would like you to instill these feelings and knowledge in kids as they are like a bud which will be blooming soon. Thanks.
AYESHA : I have transformed from being ungrateful to being grateful. I have done Hijrah from evil to good. I have freed myself from the clutches of bad and negative thinking. I will spread this message to all those whom I meet. May Allah bless Mr Khan with more strength and energy to bring unity among all.
ASHWANI: I was not confident. I thought I was a loser. I was having fears of examination. But now, I have changed all my evil thoughts to good thoughts. It was fruitful. It should be conducted to all students.
AMIR: Earlier, I was confused about my decisions, uncertain about my success and I lacked values. After attending the workshop, I am able to take the right decision and have an idea on how to achieve my goals. I understood the importance of forgiveness. The person who conducted the workshop is very experienced.
ASHRAF: This workshop has made me confident. I now believe, that no one is my enemy. I am my own enemy, if I am not confident.