A Mosque in Flood-Ravaged Kerala

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Offers Prayer Hall to be Used as Mortuary

A mosque in flood-ravaged Kerala has come to the help of local medical authorities by offering its prayer hall to be used as a mortuary. The Mujahid Mosque in Pothukallu area of Malappuram district has offered its premises so that doctors can carry out quick autopsy of bodies being recovered from the landslide in Kavalapara. More than 60 people are reportedly feared to have been buried alive in this tragedy.
The nearest government hospital which is equipped to conduct an autopsy is over 40 km, Kavalapara. Due to the distance and heavy rains, it was becoming very difficult for medical officials to transport bodies to the hospital for autopsy. Doctors needed a large hall where they could conduct autopsies of the bodies that were recovered. Taking note of the emergency and the extent of damage in the area, the local mosque offered help and allowed the medical teams to set up an autopsy room inside the prayer hall. This humble gesture came to light only after Parameshwaran, a staffer at the Manjeri Medical College, shared a video of the mosque’s prayer hall being converted into an autopsy hall.