UK-based Islamic charities donate $24.4bn a year to Good Causes

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UK-based Islamic charities donate $24.4bn a year to Good Causes

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LONDON: Islamic charitable groups in the UK donated £20.2 billion ($24.4 billion) to local and international causes last year, according to an official report.

More than 165,000 groups or individuals contributed to the total, according to the study by the National Council for Voluntary Organizations, reported by Kuwait News Agency on 31 May.

According to a separate study by the Muslim Charities Forum, 600 organizations had now met the requirements and regulations set by the UK government for charitable work, up from around 25 at the turn of the century.

The initial Muslim-oriented charitable organizations were established in the early 1980s and mostly contributed to humanitarian causes in Africa and Eastern Europe, the study said.

MCF’s CEO Fadi Itani said his group’s study had shown that 150 Islamic charities geared toward international causes contributed £500 million (around $625 million) annually.

Forty-seven organizations have the capacity to gather £1 million to £20 million annually, said Itani. Approximately 30 more raised about £500,000 ($620,000) a year each, while 450 others contributed more than £150 million a year collectively.

The growing benevolence of British Muslims is backed up by a Walnut Social Research 2021 poll that showed they were the most charitable religious group in the country.

Walnut found that Muslim individuals donated around £370 annually compared to £165 for donors from other faiths.