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Every Fourth Beggar in India is a Muslim

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New Delhi: Although Muslims constitute 14.6% of the total population, around 25% beggars in India belong to the Muslim community, according to Census data released recently. According to 2011 Census data, India has a total of 72.89 crore non- workers, out of which 3.7 lakh are beggars, of whom 92,760 people belong to the Muslim community, accounting for nearly 25 per cent of the total population of beggars in India. Interestingly, the percentage of female beggars among Muslims is higher compared to males. The national average is 53.13 per cent male beggars to 46.87 per cent female beggars. Among Muslims, however, the ratio is 56.38 per cent female beggars against is 43.61 per cent male beggars. With 2.68 lakh individuals, Hindus make up 72.22 per cent of its beggar population. Christians, who are 2.3 per cent of the population, make up 0.88 per cent of the beggar population with 3,303 individuals.
(Extracted from siasat.com)