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Masjid Parichay

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The Jamaat-e Islami Hind has launched an initiative in Mumbai to invite people from other faiths to visit a mosque to weed out misconceptions about Muslims and Islam. The initiative known as ‘Masjid Parichay’ (‘Introduction to the Mosque’) is aimed at making people of other faiths aware of Muslims and removing any misconceptions about followers of Islam. The Masjid Parichay was organised on October 6 by Millet Welfare Association at the Mira Road Mosque. The ‘parichay’ was held in association with Students Islamic Organisation (SIO), a student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.
Jivajirao Patil, who visited the mosque, said he always used to think that there was no entry for non-Muslims in the mosque. “It’s a wonderful feeling. Today, I come to know that everyone can visit the mosque. No one enjoys a special status as a poor can occupy his place in the first row if he comes early, while the richest man in the world may stand in the last line if he comes last,” the report quoted Jivajirao Patil as saying.
JIH volunteer, Dr Parvez Mandviwala, has said that the unfounded fears have created a lot of misconceptions among non-Muslims. The non-Muslims guests were asked to witness ‘Wudu’ (ablution rituals) before they were taken to the mosque’s main prayer hall. Explaining the importance of ‘Wudu’, Dr Mandviwala said that the purpose of ablution is to purify oneself before standing in front of God in submission. The Imam at the mosque also delivered a short sermon to the guests on humanity, unity and equality.
(for details, see report on timesnownews.com)