Professor Altaf Ahmad Azmi


Professor Altaf Ahmad Azmi

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M. A. Ataulla

Prominent Islamic thinker, Qur’an commentator, writer, and poet Professor Altaf Ahmad Azmi passed away on 12 Aug 2023 after a short illness. He was 81 years old. He is survived by one son and two daughters. Professor Altaf Ahmad Azmi, the author of more than three dozen important books, was born on July 2, 1942, in Azamgarh. He studied Islamic studies and Arabic language at Madrasa-ul-Islah Sarai Mir. Later he studied Greek medicine at Aligarh Muslim University. After completing his education in Aligarh, he established his office in Jaunpur, but when Hakeem Abdul Hameed founded Jamia Hamdard in Delhi, he was impressed by Professor Altaf Ahmad Azmi’s abilities and called him to Delhi and started the department in Jamia Hamdard.

History of Greek Medicine entrusted to him. He was also the head of this institution. He was also the vice-chairman of Delhi Urdu Academy. He performed prominently in the field of Greek medicine and Islamic studies. He was also the dean of the Department of Islamic Studies and Social Science in Jamia Hamdard. He was also the editor of a journal published by Jamia Hamdard. He was also a member of the advisory board of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi.

Prof. Altaf Azmi was equally proficient in Arabic, Persian, English, and Urdu. He excelled in both writing and speech. He made important additions to the Urdu literature of Islamic thought in the last quarter of the twentieth century. His greatest achievement was the Qur’an.

Hakim’s Tafsir is ‘Mizan al-Qur’an’ which consists of three thick volumes. His other readable books on Islam include ‘Qur’anic Concept of Faith and Action’, ‘Qur’anic Concept of Tawheed’, ‘Wahdat al-Wujud: A Non-Islamic Theory’. It is difficult to agree with some of his discussions, but the other side of his criticism comes out. He was also fond of poetry. Three of his poetry collections were published under the titles ‘Faghan Neem Shab’, ‘Zanjir Ghazal’ and ‘Chirag Shab Gazida’.

He also authored ‘Tafhim Sir syed’ and ‘Tsanif Sir syed’. Apart from this, ‘A Look at the Works of Shibli’, and ‘Shibli as a Writer and Critic’ are also included in his works. His book on the subject of ‘Uranian Medicine and Urdu Language’ has also been published. He has authored and compiled all his life. Lived at work. He was a very noble and humble person. Among his books on Allama Iqbal, ‘Iqbal’s Basic Thoughts’, ‘Iqbal and Unity and Unity’, ‘Khatbat Iqbal: A Study’ are worth mentioning. Apart from this, his books on Qur’anic sciences include ‘Principles and Issues of Tafseer Qur’an’, ‘Nasm Qur’an: An Analytical Study’, ‘And insightful Teachings of the Qur’an and Behavior of Muslims. Among his other works is ‘Maulana Azad as an Exegete of the Qur’an’. , ‘Decline of Indian Muslims’ and literary articles, ‘Naqosh Aghii’, ‘Sakhon Hay Jahni’, and ‘Jada and Manzil’ are worth mentioning.