Muhammad Saif Ali, an inspiring player from Asansol

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Muhammad Saif Ali, a 23 year old basketball player, college student and businessman from Asansol (in West Bengal), represented The
professional West Bengal Basketball Team in 2014. He says the game and personality of basketball players inspired him to be physically fit, since initially he was overweight. Gradually, Saif discovered basketball as his passion and decided to take it seriously. He learnt many techniques of the game by observing senior players. Soon, with his dedication and with experience of just a year, he was selected in the Professional West Bengal Basketball Team to play nationally, at the age of 18.
From the beginning, Saif pursued his passion alone, without much support from his family or friends. Today, he enjoys respect as of one the best basketball players in his state, and also is invited to work as a referee in many schools.
Saif aspires to represent India internationally in basketball. May his dream come true!
(By Cyma Khan)