The Human being dies” Situational Deaths” before The Physical Death

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The life of The Human being possesses many bitter and Joyful experiences that kill the Man in every corner of life, nothing but ” situational death” before embracing the ultimate ” physical death.” The Man steps into his youth by leaving the comfortable childhood, where he faces many ups and downs to fulfill the stomach of his own and dependents. To earn the three times bread, one does hardship without caring about the hotness and coldness of the weather, thus slowly dies mentally and physically. In search of financial income, a man travels thousands of miles away from his home, therefore experiencing the bitterness of missing family members, “the distance death.”

As the days pass, the children grow up and knock the father’s head that they need Education to survive in the civilized society. Thus, as parents, human beings wander here and there to earn money to provide a better education. No one can deny that to earn the required money, the Human being sometimes utters lies, cheats, and does robbery without caring about society and the law. This is the bitterest taste of all of the life, which kills mentally and characteristically.

As the children, particularly the girls, grows up, they indirectly force the parents to arrange for the marriage, which is a natural need. Undoubtedly every parent wishes to fulfill this need by borrowing for the same. Obviously, the parents go through hardship to repay this debt and die mentally for years under the burden of debt. The matter of tying-up the knot of the relationship doesn’t end here because “a daughter” and “a sister” face the verbal and beastly behaviours of the husband and the in-laws, which are very tough to digest. As a result, an innocent daughter of the parents and a sister of the beloved brothers gradually die mentally and physically. The biological parents can only feel the bitterness of this situation, which is nothing but the “mental death.” Further, the parting of a daughter and a sister suffocates the parents and brothers a lot, equal to the” farewell death.”

The Human being as a woman or a mother faces physical pains during pregnancy and while giving birth to a child, not less than the “physical death.” It is declared in Islamic teachings that no child can repay the cost of these pains even by serving the parents by all means, till their last breath.

Sometimes, the human being faces society’s “ill behavior” due to unavoidable life circumstances, such as weak economic conditions and the adoption of low professions. However, these are to be done by human beings only, and no wealthy man accepts even to sit side by side with these people. The hatred germinates among the people of the same family, caste, and creed, which causes the “differential death’.

After passing through above mentioned “situational deaths,” The Human being ultimately dies the “physical death.” The Quran also informs that ” Every living creature has to taste the death,” which is the “Will of the creator, i.e., Allah.”