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The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and the International Organization of Qitab and Sunnah (IOQAS), in cooperation with the Mauritanian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science, held a “Sub-regional Workshop on Developing Methods of Memorizing the Holy Qur’an and Teaching its Sciences” in Nouakchott on April 9-12. Some 23 officials working in the field of the Holy Qur’an memorization and teaching Islamic education from Mauritania, Guinea, Mali, and Senegal participated in this sub-regional workshop.
The workshop is aimed at improving the level of work in Quranic institutions in the areas of planning, follow-up and assessing. The workshop will focus on ways to enhance the role of education in the values of dialogue and cultural diversity, as well as the use of modern techniques in memorizing the Holy Qur’an and teaching its science.