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Riyadh Mosque Delivers Friday Sermon in English

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Riyadh: Al-Maidani Mosque in Al-Wurud district in Riyadh welcomes the followers every Friday to pray, but here, there is something unique: The mosque delivers the sermon in English. Mohammed Abu Shaban, who delivers the sermon after the Friday prayer every week, told Arab News that expatriate worshippers asked for the translation for the benefit of non-Arabic speaking attendees. “We started this translation over 10 years ago, it was organized in cooperation with Imam Abdus Salam, who kindly arranged this session with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance, for our non-Arabic speakers,” said Shaban. “At the beginning, we started with just the session in the mosque, then soon we launched our YouTube channel where we record the session, and then we broadcast it for our viewers. Anybody can search for our video.”