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The launch of MIA Women Entrepreneurs Wing is scheduled
to be held on 30th November 2019.

By Sadathullah Khan
Muslim Industrialists Association (MIA) MIA is an NGO established in 2004. It is registered under the Societies Act, with its core activity being entrepreneurial development.
MIA is planning to launch an exclusive women entrepreneurs’ chapter in Bangalore, and it is hoped that the initiative will soon spread elsewhere in India. Our mission is to empower women by removing barriers to entrepreneurship and accelerating positive change that allows women to become a part of the mainstream Indian economy and be able to contribute towards the country’s economic growth.
Traditionally, many women limited themselves to their family life and were satisfied with family, the kitchen and their children. However, now there has been a rise in women entrepreneurs in numerous fields. MIA seeks to encourage women in leadership, innovation, dynamism, risk navigation and in art of balancing to achieve personal and professional success, within the framework of Islamic etiquette.
Recently, MIA started its women entrepreneurs wing, the primary aim of promoting and encouraging women in entrepreneurship and helping them grow by conducting seminars and workshops on various topics, such as leadership, innovation, dynamism, risk navigation, fund raise, personality development, banking and subsidies, import-export, etc., for the benefit of its members. We also guide entrepreneurs to obtain various statutory registrations as required under the law.
MIA Women’s Wing will be headed jointly by the Governing Council Member and a group of established entrepreneurs who are working towards guiding women from our community to grow and become economically strong and independent.
The launch of MIA Women Entrepreneurs Wing is scheduled to be held on 30th November 2019. We are looking at a strength of 200 or more participants, who will benefit from being a part of this dynamic forum. It is not just about increasing the number of members, but also about creating a forum that becomes an integral part of every business. Women are key to the growth of any organization. MIA believes that there are immensely talented women business leaders who could enrich the association in myriad ways.
We kindly invite established women entrepreneurs/business owners and budding and aspiring women entrepreneurs to come and attend the event and learn more about our work and vision and join hands with us. All required mentoring will be provided by MIA for your ventures.
To be united in our focus of growth is the need of the hour. This would enable us to grow economically and become strong as a community and also help contribute substantially to the economic growth of our country.
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