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Mangaluru: The Bhatkali Jamatul Muslimeen (BJM), Mangaluru, organized a workshop for Bhatkal students based in Mangaluru on the theme, ‘Awaken the entrepreneur in you’. Aftab Husain Kola, the workshop co-ordinator, said, ” Navayaths are a mercantile community. Right from the period they arrived on the west coast of India around the eight century AD, Navayaths have been engaged in business. But of late, our business in India is vanishing. So, it is time we re-emerge as a strong business community. That is the reason we have taken this initiative to organise a workshop to foster the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in our youngsters”. Professor Ganim Mohtisham of Anjuman who conducted the workshop, spoke about “ entrepreneurial energy”, taking the example of late Mohammed Ali Clay, the legendary boxer. Taking real life cases of a few entrepreneurs, Ganim identified the qualities of these people which made them highly successful. He said, “P.C. Mustafa, of ID dosa batter fame, was a school dropout who went on to study at IIMB, left his software job to start an enterprise that sold idly-dosa batter. He invested just Rs. 25,000 initially and today runs a company with a 100-crore turnover. Over 55 students attended the workshop.
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