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The Muslim Institute has launched The Critical Muslim, a quarterly magazine of ideas and issues showcasing ground-breaking thinking on Islam and what it means to be a Muslim in a rapidly changing, interconnected world. The journal is jointly edited by renowned intellectual Ziauddin Sardar and Robin- Yassin Kassab. The first issue was launched in January 2012 with the cover story on
the Arab Spring. The journal will publish issues in January, April, July and September. Samia Rahman is deputy editor. Among the associate editors are Abdulwahhab el-Affendi, Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, Iqbal Asaria, Michael Muhammad Knight, Vinay Lal, Hassan
Mahamdallie, and Ehsan Masood. International advisory board has several renowned names from among authors and writers such as William Dalrymple, anthropologist Ashish Nandy and Arif Mohammed Khan from Delhi, Karen Armstrong from the US and Anwar Ibrahim from Malaysia etc. Author of several books,Ziauddin Sardar teaches at Middlesex University and is known for his rational writings. Having closely observed the Islamic movements and contemporary scholarship, he has emerged as the most knowledgeable critic of the Islamic authors of the last century. He provides a fresh perspective on Islamic and Western values and has broken new ground in expounding and interpreting the Holy Quran.

The Critical Muslim presents Muslim perspectives on the great debates of our times. It aims to emphasise the plurality and diversity of Islamand Muslims and to promote dialogue, cooperation and collaboration between Islam and other cultures, including the West. It looks at everything critically and challenges traditionalist, modernist, fundamentalist and apologetic versions of Islam as well as the established conventions and orthodoxies of dominant cultures. It seeks new readings of religion, culture and politics with the potential to transform the Muslim world and beyond. It is published by Hurst and Co Publishers, 41, Great Russell Street, London. Annual subscription for non- European world is 75 sterling pounds. More information could be had from website: http://www.musliminstitute. org/node/233