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Children, Write For Us!

Islamic Voice invites children to use their creative talents by sending us short original stories (within 400 words), write-ups on nature, wildlife, [...]

Time for Clean Administration

The Congress has got the chair now in Karnataka. There were good reasons for that. Though there was consolidation of Muslim votes in favor of Congres [...]

Sharia-Compliant Financing

A group of like-minded Muslim professionals have got together to try and solve the problem that small and medium enterprises face in availing of finan [...]

Short-Sighted Gimmick

The proposal by the new Union Minorities Minister Rahman Khan to create new universities for Muslim minorities is an eye-catching, but short-sighted g [...]

Now is the Time for Women

Many writers and philosophers have glorified woman. Women bring discipline in humanity. Through centuries, they have deftly judged their various roles [...]

Indian Muslims are Playing with Fire

Muslims in India have a permanent grievance with the government and the Police administration that their children are arrested and imprisoned. Muslim [...]

Voting Rights for Non-Resident Indians

Parliamentary elections are round the corner. A very important issue that goes unnoticed is the electoral role of NRIs, especially in this era when t [...]

Discriminatory Treatment

Zaibunnisa is also an Indian citizen. The name may not be very familiar to you all. She was one of the accused in the Mumbai blast case and was to und [...]

Campaign for Cleanliness in Muslim Neighbourhoods

A visit to some of the government hospitals (or even statistical information from health department) will reveal that mostly people from unhealthy M [...]

Muslims are Divided

This is with reference to the editorial in the March 2013 issue of Islamic Voice on the Massacre at Dhule. The Muslims were at the receiving end of al [...]
1 18 19 20 21 22 24 200 / 240 POSTS