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Reflections on Palestine

By Mureeda Kara This was my thoughts as I sat down in the plane to come home. Palestine is a mubarak land. It has at its heart the most amazing sp [...]

Where is Your E-Paper?

The other day, I had a look at the Islamic Voice website and discovered that the e-paper version of the magazine hasn't been updated for several mont [...]

Islamic View of Mental Health

Islam encourages people to stay hopeful, even if someone has committed the worst sin or faced with most troublesome life event as there is always God [...]

An Indelible Woman

Amma was always creating something useful out of anything she found. By Salma Mashood Sometimes in our lives come people we least expect, who leav [...]

Website Woes!

I really wish you would do something about the 'Islamic Voice' website. You have published several letters complaining about the website, but despite [...]

Thanks for the good articles!

Thank you for publishing many good articles. I particularly appreciate the articles on interfaith/inter-community harmony, a subject that is of immens [...]

Website Badly Designed

I first came across 'Islamic Voice' many years ago and I have found it to be a very useful source of information. Thank you for the service you are do [...]
Two Dogs

Two Dogs

We really need to cultivate compassion for animals and take care of them. By Shaban Ali It happened just the other day. When I got back from the mosq [...]
Morocco’s Jewish Legacy – The Rabbi of Essaouira

Morocco’s Jewish Legacy – The Rabbi of Essaouira

The presence of Jewish tradesmen helped shape the character of Essaouira in Morocco. Traces of the port's Jewish heritage are evident to this very day [...]

Acts of Goodness.

Thank you for regularly publishing many positive stories and news items in 'Islamic Voice' articles on communal harmony, interfaith understanding, wom [...]
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