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Indonesians spend most on cigarettes, after Rice

Anti-tobacco advocates in Indonesia plan to file a class action lawsuit this month using cases of child addicts in the hope of forcing tougher regulations on a society where one in three people smokes. The suit against tobacco companies and the Indonesian government argues that feeble regulation has left children dangerously exposed to the risks of smoking. Indonesia is something of a paradise for both smokers […]

Princess Tower enters Guinness Records

Princess Tower enters Guinness Records

The 107-storey-tall Princess Tower in Dubai has been recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s tallest residential building. Measuring 414 metres from base to tip, the tower comprises six basement floors, a ground floor and 100 above-ground residential levels. The tower occupies an area of 37,410 square feet and houses 763 luxury apartments. Dubai already has a Guinness Record in its name for the tallest building in the […]

Women join Saudi Security Forces

Women join Saudi Security Forces

Thirty women were recruited as privates at the Passport Department’s offices at border crossings like King Fahd Causeway and Salwa border point in the east of the Saudi Kingdom. A recent study of Naif University for Security Sciences’ Studies and Research Center showed that Saudi women have been embarking on security work as volunteers. The study “Women Police in Arab Countries” indicated a real potential for an effective […]


Drowning in Despair

At a time when even being thankless would have been a crime, a lunatic individual has inflicted injury upon a society that had opened its arms for him and his folks. Repulsion is therefore bound to be expected The killing of twelve Christmas shoppers in Berlin by the Tunisian terrorist, Anis Amri is disgraceful, to […]

Reflections on a Ban

There may be differences of opinion as to whether or not the Government has acted in undue haste in banning the preacher Dr. Zakir Naik. It is not within the realm of impossibility that some extremists feel inspired by some of the ideas that Dr. Zakir Naik’s ‘Islamic Research Foundation’ and the ‘Peace TV’ have […]

Disquieting Portents

A rank outsider Mr. Donald Trump’s advent into the White House must be the biggest surprise of the year we are going to bid adieu in a month from now. The outcome of the United State’s Presidential election and the positive endorsement of Britain’s exit from the European Union signal emergence of the protectionist trends […]

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Car Mechanics Repair Chopper

Car Mechanics Repair Chopper

Feroz repaired the helicopter in just 30 minutes after taking some inputs from the pilot. Kolhapur: Indians keep on doing extraordinary things, surprising not only the world but also themselves sometimes. One such example has been reported from Kolhapur in Maharashtra where a car mechanic repaired a helicopter recently, making it fly-ready in just 30 […]

Muslim Man Leads Drive to Protect Temples in West Bengal

Muslim Man Leads Drive to Protect Temples in West Bengal

Yasin Pathan started his drive in the 1970s with an aim to protect the 18th century temples in West Bengal’s Pathra village. A 66-year-old Muslim is championing the cause of communal harmony by leading a movement to preserve temples. Retired school peon, Yasin Pathan started the ‘Save the Temples’ initiative in the 1970s with an […]

‘Your Neighbourhood Muslim’ Social Media Campaign for Liberals to speak up

Kolkata: Assailed by questions on their stand on incidents of terrorism perpetrated in the name of Islam, a group of Muslims in Kolkata has initiated a social media campaign that profiles ordinary Muslims and offers a platform to “liberal” members of the community to assert that “Muslims are like people of other communities, no different”. […]

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State of the World Children

80% Child Deaths happened in Africa, Sout h Asia, Child Marriages Declining Providing every child a fair chance to live is the essence of equitable development. Every child should have the same right to a healthy start in life, education and safe, secure childhood. But these are denied to the children because of their place […]

Contours of Israeli Lobby in United States

Contours of Israeli Lobby in United States

Objectives: • Maintaining consistent support of the United States for Israel’s policies against the Palestinians. • To ensure US help to Israel to remain the dominant regional power in the Middle East. • The West Asian states (read politico-geographical map) should be transformed in such a way that only regimes friendly to Israel survive there. […]

World’s Happiest Nations

Denmark remains on Top. India is 118th, US slips to 13th position, China is 83rd. Denmark has retained its topmost position in the “World’s Happiest country” list ranked by the World Happiness Report 2016. It is followed by Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. Finland, Canada and the Netherlands are 5th, 6th and 7th in the list. […]


Azaan – A Sublime Musical Experience

From the Azaan, flows wisdom which waters spiritually parched souls. It was the month of Ramadan and when the the Azaan came  through, I felt like I was in a fairy land. By Indira Satyanarayan During the fasting month of Ramadan, my friend Zaheer Memon ( NCP National secretary- Advocate Majid Memon’s son) gave me the  book, ‘’Muhammad- A Biography of the […]

Muslims Boycotting Each Other

Q: These days, Muslims look down upon each other. Each considers the other as inferior and many groups go to the extent of denouncing  each other. Then what is all this talk of Brotherhood? Is it all only in books? Please explain. “Do not hate each other and do not envy one another, and do not turn your back on each […]

Facing the Day of Decision

We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in mere idle  play. We created them all for nothing other than a true purpose, but most of them do not understand. The Day of Decision is the time appointed for all of them. It is a day when no friend shall […]

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Untouchability Among Muslims

Untouchability Among Muslims

A recent study provides empirical evidence of presence of untouchability among Muslims By Maqbool Ahmed Siraj Does untouchability exist among Muslims? A recent study by the Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow, confirms that it does. The study based on a survey of 7,195 households located across 14 districts in four regions of Uttar Pradesh […]

Interest-Free Banking – Echoes in the Hallowed Corridors of Finance

Interest-Free Banking – Echoes in the Hallowed Corridors of Finance

Concerted lobbying has resulted in institutions like the Reserve Bank of India and the Planning Commission taking note of interest-free banking as a viable initiative for financial inclusion. By Maqbool Ahmed Siraj Financial inclusion is the current buzzword. The nation has taken several new initiatives under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose ‘Pradhan […]

Zakia Soman of Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan says: ‘Patriarchy is Deeply Entrenched’

Zakia Soman of Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan says: ‘Patriarchy is Deeply Entrenched’

BMMA has so far trained 30 women Qazis Zakia Soman and Noorjahan Safia Naz are two known faces spearheading the movement for justice for Muslim women for the last one decade. They represent Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA), formed in 2007. The BMMA has emerged as the first Muslim women’s organisation to be known across […]

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Safa Al Hashem – Kuwait’s Lone Women’s Voice in Parliament

| January 15, 2017 | 0 Comments

Fourteen women put their names forth and campaigned for Kuwaitis to elect them into the upcoming parliament, but only one woman – Safa Al Hashem – prevailed. By winning her seat, Al Hashem became the ninth woman to be elected to Kuwait’s National Assembly since women gained the right to vote and run in national […]

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